5 Reasons to homeschool @ Fidelis Academy

  1. Imagination is cultivated – Anything that has ever been invented must have been birthed in the mind and then transmitted to the hands. Nurturing the imagination empowers our students to explore and discover their gifts and talents.
  2. Students won’t fall through the cracks – @ Fidelis our student to teacher ratio is 2:10. Our subject teachers provide instruction and in coordination with our lab instructors, each student receives one on one instruction to enhance areas where students excel and focus on areas they encounter challenges.
  3. Students learn in the ways they learn best – There is no cookie cutter way to learning. Cognitive development is different for everyone. Exploration to find the perfect combination to learn and grow can be cumbersome, when all students are expected to be on the same page at the same time. Our students are given instructions, however they are given the freedom to explore their learning in ways that they learn best. Our state of the art facility provides all lessons in a style of learning that speaks to each learner.
  4. More time for hands-on activities – Our classes are approximately 1 hour long. Our teachers have time to teach, have hands on practice and conduct individual check in with students. Our lab is designed to give time to students to work on projects they want to continue pursuing and assignments they needed more time to complete.
  5. We encourage them to go deeper not wider – Relationships are suffering a great deal in our society. We want to provide a place where our students learn to make healthy relationships. We want them to have a “BFF” while being aware of another students need for inclusion.

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