Learning Styles

Do you know your student?

Learning style is a person’s natural and repeated pattern of getting and processing information. A key concept in education is that people learn differently. Understanding how a student learns provides a gateway to their success.

Auditory – Learning through listening Visual – Concepts, ideas, thoughts are learned by using visual stimulations such as color, graphs,
and images.
Kinesthetic – Leaners use physical movement in the process of learning. Listening to lecture or even demonstration of the concept will not resonate.
Tactile – They must touch and manipulate objects in order to respond to the knowledge. This learner must do this to understand.
Analytic – They place much focus on detail, the way language is used, they obey grammar rules, and enjoy dissecting words and sentences.
Global – These learners see the “whole picture” much care is not given to specific details. They do not enjoy slow moving learning environments, they seek interesting and attractive materials.

Learners may have a combination of learning styles, however, you will find your learner has one particular style where he/she rest comfortably in and respond to with ease.

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