Working mom summer fun ideas

5 Simple Tips

The kids are out of school, the sunshine is beautiful, but you are stuck at work! Summer can be a bittersweet time for working moms. You want to be with your kids but you are schlepping them to summer day camp or daycare.

How do you find balance? The answer is truly setting aside a few minutes per week to plan your summer fun.

  1. Simple activities are better – Kids are not always looking to go on a weeklong vacation to a theme park. They just want to be with mom and dad. Take advantage of summer sunlight, the sun is out a little longer giving you a chance to be out with them after work. Pick a day every week where dinner maybe a cold cut sandwich, something simple you can pack the night before.Take them to the nearest park or walk over to the backyard and sit down!
  2. Beach Days – Schedule 1 or 2 PTO days during the summer. Hit the beach early and bring a cooler. If you cannot take time off, Saturday and Sunday is your next choice. Maybe you don’t enjoy the beach, go to a local museum, zoo, aquarium, or the county nature park.
  3. Simplify your to do list – Keep your to do list light of chores. Consolidate as much as you can to free you from the “doing” bondage. The struggle of the mounting laundry is real….I get it. If your kids are 5 and up, they can help with laundry. They may not be the perfect fold, but you will get to enjoy time together. Some of your chores can be done on alternating schedule. Example, doing the groceries. If you can do the groceries to last two weeks (exception of perhaps the perimeter items of milk, cheese, produce, etc.) stock up your pantry, freeze what can be frozen, but spend less time shopping.
  4. Family Vacation – If you can take off for vacation, plan it where you have down time. I am perhaps the worst person to go on a vacation with, but the best if you want to vacation. Why? Well, the first day and half, I sleep, I do excursions for 2 or 3 days depending on the length of time and the last day or so, I sleep and rest. I never understand how people come from their vacation tired!
  5. STOP, DROP, and BREATHE – “Although we don’t have a good explanation for it, children seem to grow fastest in the summer and slowest in the fall,” says Joseph Gigante, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. They are growing right before your eyes, but if you are so busy all the time you will miss it.

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